[INTERVIEW] G Dragon in Forbes Korea’s ‘2013 Power Leaders’

10 Feb



GD has over 120 songs listed on Korea Music Copyright Association and is known to earn about 100000000₩s a year.


GD’s gestures may make him look ‘cocky’ but GD says this:


“I’m just doing what I do, Music. In Korea people especially separate idols and artists but I believe idols are artists.The Reason why I get good comments is because people think that my music is from ME not what others make for me”




Q: When did u decide to become an artist?

GD: In 4th grade I heard the song “Cream” by “Wu-Tang Clan” and I was shocked and inspired by it.


 GD won first place in a dance festival at a ski resort and he caught SM’s eyes and trained in SM for 5 years


Q: What music do u listen to lately?

GD: There’s one album I listen to everyday. It’s by this rapper,Trinidad James.


“I had a compulsive need to make “New” things every time I writes a new song but now I feel like that’s changing.”

“Teddy from 1TYM is my life mentor.I learned a lot from Teddy since I was little.My music is always consulted by him. He is my music and life mentor.”

“Although I’m young, I spent half of my life on stage. I’m the most confident when I’m on stage.However on Variety shows, I am no better than other comedians so I become shy and my weak spots show up.”

“I think everyone has something like “Pain of creation”. It became harder to expose my thoughts to the world. The pain of creation increases but when I see my fans who love my music,the pain disappears like nothing happened”


Q:What do you do in your free time?

GD: I like traveling and I get musical inspirations as I rest.


“I want to do music regardless of the genre.I don’t want ppl to like me because I’m GD/BIGBANG/YG but because of my music.I think I’d be happy if I could grow old as I do music without any big disorder. Oh. And I don’t want to lose my “feels”


When we asked if GD ever has plans of becoming a CEO like YG/SM/JYP, he said he never really thought about it..GD was chosen as the #1 idol who would be the next YG/JYP/SM but GD said he “fears” it.


“Even if I run a business I feel like it would be under YG’s help (Laughs) I think musicians look the best as a musician. But if I had to run a business,I kinda want to do something with people who have same interest in me in fashion & culture.”


Q When was the happiest moment?

GD: I’m happy now but sometimes I take things for granted since I’m a human.


“When I was a trainee, I only worked for one goal, music. I was the happiest in my trainee years.”


Q:What is music to you? 

GD: Music is music. Nothing more,nothing less. Whenever you  listen, you become happy and relieved.

It’s important to convey a message in a song but also it should be a song that makes a moment good and memorable.



Translations by :BigBangisVIP


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