[NEWS] 10 of the Most Essential K-Pop Albums of 2015

11 Dec

The year 2015 has come and gone pretty quickly, but it has left us with some quite outstanding musical releases. So as we get ready to say goodbye to the year that was, there is no better time to look back over some of the most memorable K-pop EP and LP releases the year has had to offer. (parts omitted)

-GOT7’s “Mad”

– EXO’s “Love Me Right”

-BIG BANG’s “M.A.D.E”:

Before the BIG BANG boys made their comeback this year, it really had been a very long time since we had heard from them as a full group. Some of us were starting to get a little worried. So when the boys announced they would be spreading their return over the course of four months, fans knew they were in for something special.

And, being BIG BANG, the boys certainly did not disappoint. An eight-track album delivered in tasty two-song morsels was just what the doctor ordered — especially when nobody can really say with any certainty when the fab five will next be reunited in the studio.

The bass and sampling in “Bae Bae” is incredibly addictive.

“Bang Bang Bang” is also a standout — a breathlessly upbeat dance track in the vein of “Fantastic Baby,” but with a wonderfully disarmingly down-tempo hook.

There was nothing really new here, musically speaking. It was the old BIG BANG, doing their BIG BANG thing. And perhaps after three long years of waiting, that was exactly what we all wanted.

-SHINee’s “Married to the Music”

-BTS’ “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Parts 1 & 2

-miss A’s “Colors”

-Wonder Girls’ “Reboot”

-Ga In’s “Hawwah”

-4MINUTE’s “Crazy”

-Dal Shabet’s “Joker Is Alive”


Honorable Mentions:

-Rainbow’s “Innocent”

-Jonghyun’s “Base”

-Girls’ Generation’s “Lionheart”

-Sonamoo’s “Cushion”

-Melody Day’s “Speed Up”


timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop, an enthusiasm for electronica, and a hankering for hip hop.

*The views expressed in this article solely reflect those of the author and do not necessarily represent Soompi as a whole.

Source: Soompi

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