[NEWS] BIGBANG, SM Town and BTS Lead V App Channels with Most Followers

11 Dec


Four months after its launch, Naver’s real-time broadcasting V App reveals that Big Bang, SM Town and BTS are the most followed channels.

Naver released a list of the Top 10 most followed among its 99 active channels, and the two boy bands and the entertainment agency behind EXO and Girls’ Generation emerged at the top of the standings.

Big Bang is the most popular channel in V App with 1.73 million followers, and can be owed to the boy band’s dedication in releasing special broadcasts for their fans.

SM Town came in second with 1.53 million followers and third is BTS with 1.42 million fans. These were the only 3 channels with more than 1 million followers.

Here’s a roundup of the rest of the Top 10 ranked according to their follower count, which shows a clear preference among V App users in following boy bands:

4. GOT7 – 976,000 followers

5. iKON – 951,000 followers

6. APink – 925,000 followers, and is the only girl group to break into the Top 10.

7. YG Entertainment – 912,000 followers

8. EXO – 900,000 followers, but it should be noted that the group only opened their channel in November.

9. INFINITE – 769,000 followers

10. WINNER – 759,000 followers

Source: KPopStarz


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