[NEWS] Starnews Asked 28 Music Experts, “Who is the best singer of 2015?”

16 Dec


As the best singer/team of 2015, music experts chose BIG BANG, “the idol that has gone beyond being just an idol”.

Starnews carried out a survey on 28 music experts, including the staff of management companies, songwriters, producers at broadcasting companies, and critics, and asked “Who is the best singer of 2015?”

Their answers were announced on December 15, and 15 experts answered that BIG BANG was the best singer of 2015.

BIG BANG, who debuted in 2006, released “MADE” album singles every month from May until August, and they swept the Gaon charts for four months in a row. Furthermore, they proved that they are the hottest K-pop boy group by going on a “MADE” world tour and holding concerts in not only Asian countries but also in the US, Mexico, and Australia. 2015 was a year to witness the huge popularity of BIG BANG in and out of the country.

When asked why they picked BIG BANG, they said, “BIG BANG released new songs every month. This shows that they have a wide fan base, and it also proved to be a cost-effective way for musicians to communicate with their fans. Their singles became huge hits as was their world tour. They proved that they are the hottest K-pop star.”

EXO and Im Chang-jung both came in second with three votes.

EXO has dominated the charts every time they release an album. Their second album “Exodus”, released in March, ranked 95th on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums. This was the first time that a male Korean musician/group got so high on the Top 200 Albums chart.

Im Chang-jung released a mini album last September, and its title track “Love Again” took the charts by storm. Im Chang-jung’s song taking No.1 spot on the charts is especially meaningful as it shows that if the song is good, seasoned singers can compete against idol singers and win.

Meanwhile, Zico of Block B and hyuk oh came in fourth place with two votes, and JYP, Zion.T, AOA, and E-Sens came in sixth place with one vote each.

Source: YG-Life


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