[NEWS] Why are Some BIGBANG Fans Upset with YG?

27 Dec


It seems some BIG BANG fans are unhappy with how YG Entertainment is handling the promotion of rookie group iKON, and have taken to an online community to express their frustrations.

On December 25, some fans claimed that YG was using BIG BANG to give iKON publicity, especially regarding the song that G-Dragon wrote for their newest album. YG touted the song as “the first time G-Dragon has worked on a song for someone outside of his own group” – however, the fans called this a lie, and provided proof that G-Dragon had in fact written the song “Party” for Uhm Jung Hwa back in 2008.


The fans went on to say that YG is trying too hard to force a connection between the two groups. For example, they said, iKON was the opening act at every stop of BIG BANG’s Japan tour, iKON albums were being sold at the venue of BIG BANG’s concerts, and that when iKON debuted the press made remarks such as “iKON is younger than BIG BANG” and “iKON is better at dancing than BIG BANG.”

Because of these things, these fans demanded YG stop using BIG BANG to promote “the junior group that is causing damage to them.” They added, “Both groups are doing just fine on their own, but YG has overstepped their boundaries and are trying to sell them both together.”

So far, there has been no official response from YG or from the VIP fandom at large. Since this is the opinion of only a small group of fans, it’s unsure whether or not YG will even address their concerns at all.

Source: Soompi


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