[NEWS] BIGBANG is practically No.1 in terms of pull of audience in Japan

4 Jan


BIG BANG has proved their formidable pull in Japan.

BIGBANG is ranked 8th in the number of paying audience for concerts in Japan, which was recently calculated by Nihon Geizai newspaper (among concerts held until October, 2015).

In terms of the absolute number of audience, BIG BANG drew 708,000 people to their concerts, which made the team rank in 8th place. However, considering the fact that the number of concerts given by BIG BANG is the smallest at 14, out of all the singers ranked within top 10, BIG BANG practically takes the top place on the list.

As for the average number of audience for each session of concert, the number is 50,571 for BIG BANG, 49,400 for Exile, and 49,285 for Arashi.

BIG BANG proved their big popularity in Japan once again by adding one more concert for Tokyo Dome on February 24, next year.

BIG BANG began their Japan dome tour “BIG BANG 2015 World Tour -2016 [MADE] IN JAPAN” with four-day concert from November 12 this year. With the additional Tokyo dome concert scheduled for February 24 following addition of a concert for February 23, BIG BANG will mark the grand finale of the Japan dome tour. With the Japan dome tour for 2015, BIG BANG became the first foreign artist to hold dome tour in the country for three consecutive years.

Meanwhile, BIG BANG dominated the music scene by sweeping No.1 on music charts in and out of the country and TV music shows with their “MADE SERIES” released from May to August this year. BIG BANG earned a quadruple crown by receiving the best artist and song of the year awards which are grand prizes in the 2015 Melon Music Awards which was held in November, as well as the best singer of the year and song of the year awards in 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).

Source: YG-Life

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