[INFO] BIGBANG’s Merchandise Preorder Info

18 Jan


MADE Series (Japanese Edition) Release 16/2/3:
3 CD + 3 Blueray + Photobook (Deluxe Edition) $83.99
 3 CD+ 3 DVD + Photobook (Deluxe Edition) $79.99
CD (Regular Edition) $23.25
CD + Blueray (Regular Edition) $41.25
CD+ DVD (Regular Edition) $37.25
Playbutton (First Press Limited Edition) $25.99


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BIG BANG’s 2016 Welcoming Collection, Release 16/3/2:
Welcoming Collection (Japanese Edition) $75.49
Welcoming Collection (Korean Edition) (NOT YET AVAILABLE)


D-Lite 3D Encore Concert (D-Lite DLive D’sLove) Release 16/1/27:
DVD (Regular Edition) $52.49
Blueray (Regular Edition) $64.25
Blueray + CD + Photobook (Deluxe Edition) 90.75 
DVD + CD + Photobook (Deluxe Edition) $77.75

BIG BANG “MADE World Tour” 2015-2016 (Japanese Edition) Release 16/2/24:
Blueray (Regular Edition) $70.75
DVD (Regular Edition) $59.25
2 Blueray + 2 CD + Special gift & box (Deluxe Edition) $106.49
3 DVD + 2CD + Special gift & box (Deluxe Edition) $92.49
(*Please note: No information or news has yet to come out about a Korean Edition for the MADE World Tour)

BIG BANG “MADE: in Seoul” Concert DVD (Japanese Edition) Release 16/2/3:
CD + Photobook (First Press Limited Edition) CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

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