[NEWS]G-Dragon and Dara to Endorse “Moonstruck” Makeup Brand

22 Jan


Cosmetic brand “Moonshot” of YG Plus, a subsidiary company of YG Entertainment, has chosen G-Dragon and Sandara Park as its new brand models.

G-Dragon has always been a hot topic as one of the male celebrities who endorse a make-up brand; and along with Sandara Park, who has been actively endorsing cosmetic brands and always get a good feedback and support, the combination of their endorsement powers have already attracted a lot of expectations.

This year, Moonshot will be starting with Sandara Park‘s “spring look,” while G-Dragon will bring his unique sense of style to their “male product line,” this “collaboration” will definitely delight beauty enthusiasts as these two people introduce the products that they can enjoy. Furthermore, the various beauty pictorials will be made available not only in the domestic market, but overseas as well.

A representative of YG PLUS revealed why they chose G-Dragon and Sandara Park as the brand models, “KPop has become a huge influence already, that it has even affected K-Beauty, in the fact that it brings in global overseas consumers. As Moonshot is striving to grow as a global make-up brand, we felt that we had to reinforce its base, so we selected the most influential artists in YG as representatives and chose G-Dragon and Sandara Park as the new brand models.” he continued, “As YG builds up their idols as musicians that they create a new culture, so it should also build up Moonshot and strengthen it further as a global make-up brand.”

Translated via BlackjackBelle@OhDara
Source: Osen via Naver  via Oh Dara


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