[NEWS] YG’s Concern over the Ticket Fraud of BIGBANG’s Concerts

22 Mar


The ticket fraud of BIG BANG’s concerts have become a great issue as the group’s popularity soars. Of course, it reflects BIG BANG’s huge popularity, but it is a grave concern for YG.

Chinese press reported on March 17 that many fans became victims of ticket fraud when BIG BANG’s fan meeting took place in Zhengzhou.

When all the tickets to the concert were sold, fans bought tickets from scalpers, and the tickets turned out to be fraudulent. China is a country where ticket touting is prevalent and, in the case of popular concerts, the amount of money involved is astronomical. No specific numbers have been reported yet, but it is estimated that a considerable amount of money is involved in the recent ticket fraud.

When the reports came out, BIG BANG’s label YG took actions to appease the fans.

In the afternoon of March 18, YG made an official announcement saying, “We hope that there won’t be any more victims from such ticket fraud. We would like to ask the fans to refrain from buying highly-priced tickets from scalpers.”

According to an YG staff member, YG is very sorry that fans became victims of such ticket fraud, and it is an official announcement conveying their sincere regret over this matter.

BIG BANG is huge not only in Korea but also in Japan and China. It is said that BIG BANG is the most successful group in Japan after TVXQ in the history of K-pop. The ticket fraud in China can be considered as an unfortunate incident that happened as a result of BIG BANG’s huge popularity.

Now, BIG BANG’s popularity doesn’t just mean that they have huge ticket powers. It has become a social issue, which means that YG has another problem on their hands.

Source: X Sports News, YG Life


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