Boy group Big Bang has included 8 more Chinese cities to their 2016 BIG BANG MADE [V.I.P] TOUR.

Upon receiving love from Chinese fans through their 2016 BIG BANG MADE [V.I.P] TOUR, which began in March, Big Bang has announced that they will tour 8 more cities this summer.

The new Chinese cities included in the tour will be Shenyang, Foshan, Nanning, Qingdao, Harbin, Dalian, Chongqing and Chengdu. The tour will take place between June and July and Big Bang is expected to meet 110,000 V.I.P fan members.

Big Bang made the decision to extend their 2016 BIG BANG MADE [V.I.P] TOUR to the additional 8 cities after the position reactive from their fans during the tour in March.

Big Bang expects fans to create special memories with them during the tour as they plan to reveal new events and content that will include, a mini concert, talk, games and more. The members also promise to show a different side of themselves that fans have never seen before.

Meanwhile, Big Bang thanks their supportive fans and plans to reveal new additions to their tour in the future.

Source: MWave