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[NEWS] Kwanghee Talks About His Friendship With G-Dragon And Tells Story Of His Memorable Gift On “Radio Star”

17 Apr

When Kwanghee appeared as a guest on March 22’s episode of “Radio Star,” he told the story of a favor he received from his friend G-Dragon that clearly made a big impression on him!

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[NEWS] Kwanghee Beat All BIGBANG Members in the Dance Battle on Infinite Challenge

18 Dec

Kwanghee had a one-one-one dance battle with BIG BANG members.

The BIG BANG special episode of Infinite Challenge was aired on December 17. On the show, Kwanghee and Seungri tried to keep each other in check. Other members made them do a dance battle, and Kwanghee got a head start by dancing to BIG BANG’s “GOOD BOY”.

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[NEWS] Kwanghee Shows Off His Hilarious Drawing Of Himself And BIGBANG’s Taeyang And G-Dragon

15 Jun


Kwanghee’s drawing skills are once again getting a lot of attention as he recently showed off another one of his works on his Instagram.

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[NEWS] Kwanghee Jokingly Attempts to One-Up G-Dragon on “Infinite Challenge”

17 Jan


On the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge,” the members say goodbye to their friends and loved ones over video messages before they head to “space.” Naturally, Kwanghee has to send a message to BIG BANG’s G-Dragon and Taeyang!

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[NEWS] Kwanghee Says He Is Still in Contact With G-Dragon and Taeyang

13 Jan


Kwanghee said his friendship with G-Dragon and Taeyang is still going strong.

During MBC FM4U’s “Two O’clock Date” that aired on January 12, Kwanghee appeared as a special guest.

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[PHOTO] Kwang Hee’s Instagram Update with G-Dragon 2015/08/09

9 Aug

새벽까지 가이드 녹음해준 고마운 지용이~~
화이팅 !! #황태지 #맙소사 #고마워

“I thank JiYong for doing the guide-recording till dawn~ Fighting! #HwangTaeJi #OhMyGod #ThankU”

Source: prince_kwanghee

Trans: @ShrimpLJY